Strategy Session

What medicine do you carry? I’ll help you figure it out…. 

 We'll be working with the "woo of you" that part of your business that is asking for presence. In fact when the woo part of you is left at the curb, it can create all sorts of wonkiness in your life and business. We'll look at what's working and what's not- specifically where you are getting stuck...and how to craft solutions that feels right for you. 

It's not about throwing someone else's formula on top of your business. It's about deep listening for what your soul longs to create and then taking action from that place of joy. Here are some of the topics we can dive into (and if you don't see what you need to work on in this list, lets chat!):

Connecting to the "Spirit of your Business" 

Visioning & Brand Messaging 

Money Clearings 

Pricing Your Offers 

Creating Your Course 

Next Steps For Your Business 

Moving Through Blocks using Shamanic Tools

Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Energy Clearing 

Ideal Client & List Building Strategy 

Launch Calendar & Launch Strategy

Go from X to Y with this unique 1:1 session


Complete your purchase and then book your desired time block on my schedule.

We'll work together on the issues holding you back.

You'll get an on-boarding questionnaire and then have 1 week of Voxer/Email Support following our session!

Prepare for the session by having any relevant documents, designs or pages ready on your screen so you can share your screen with me if need be.

A replay will be provided within 24-48 hours.

Feel free to DM me before booking to see if this session is a good fit for you. There are no refunds.

I am located in New York EDT / UTC-5 Time Zone. If you are located on the other side of the world (or continent) and can't find a time for our schedules to match up, feel free to message me so that I can look into opening up an early or late slot on my calendar just for you!

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Monica Kenton
Coach, Shamanic Dream Teacher

The lightness, doodles, quirkiness, and powerful shamanic container has changed my life. Each year I work with you, I see how the me that showed up has shifted so much. Always asking, "What feels light?" I'm grateful for you. You let me be me. The me I didn't know I could be.

Valerie Egar
Writer, Activist

Working with Michele Grace, my goals crystallized and I saw the steps I needed to take. Every day, I am grateful to Michele Grace for the wisdom and gentle guidance she has brought to me.