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  • I have lower income and the ability to save: $200/month. If all the seats have been reserved, send me an email to join the waitlist.
  • I have moderate income and the ability to save: $250/month 
  • I have abundant income and ability to save: $300/month

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    $300 per month (90 days minimum)$300.00/mo
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    90-Days Pay-in-Full ($825.00)$825.00
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    $250 per month (90 days minimum)$250.00/mo
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    $200 per month (90 days minimum)$200.00/mo

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"Michele Grace's creative approach always uncovers something new, buried, creative that other approaches don't seem to touch."

Coaching Client

"Thank you for asking the questions that take me to the next layer of truth that I have not been able to go to on my own."

Coaching Client