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Distill Yourself the Course

Date:  February 8th through February 21st, 2024

Days: Monday through Friday

Time: 3:00- 4:15  PM Eastern

Where: Online via Zoom

:: Distill Yourself Feedback :: A circle of wise women, showing up, supporting each other in the process with Michele’s guidance and teachings was what I needed for clarity. I shifted away from the "not knowing" to what do I know! 

What am I learning and all the support was key to let that wisdom bubble up. Yes it was about websites and so much more!! Thank you Michele and all participants!

In this course we're going to focus on the power of your presence online...
This is for those of you who are just starting out as well as those who need a refresh on their online presence.

As a Waymaker (yes you!) over the 10 days we're going to TEND to your online presence. You’ll work with story, symbol and image that tells your soul's aligned story.

Highlighting and activating what you came to teach and share with your clients and students. Currently the Distill Yourself Course is in Beta Mode, where I'm creating and testing the content with clients.

I'll be offering one more round of this starting February 8th, 2024. You're invited to join me in circle.
Why me?
I'm Michele Grace from
I designed my first website in 2001...and held my first teleclass in 2003. 
I have lots to teach you about the power of your presence online.

Born under a Pisces Sun, I am a leader and spiritual director who embraces her intuition embodying the archetype of the Practical Mystic. I am the One who inspires clients to dream big and take creative risks. Play. Play. Play. From a simplicity of PRESENCE. “BE it, therefore BIRTH it.” 

With my Aries Moon I am WayMaker aka a builder of new forms. The key word is take action... I am the One who taps into the function of what is here asking to be built along with the hidden emotions that are stopping the process. I work with leaders and changemakers who are ready to go be seen in the world.

I am a Scorpio Rising which is how I greet the world or how others see me. Scorpio is the home of the shaman– one who goes into the dark and returns with healing solutions for her community. Small talk-chit chat doesn’t cut it for me...I like to deep dive into the shadow places most want to hide from. Helping clients heal and transform their soul loss is key to my work. Astrology and the planetary movements help me to understand where you lost power and how to do the restorative work needed so you can live an inspired life.

As a heart-centered healer where are you hiding from people who need your services because you don't know how to name what you do and/or tell your story, reinforcing the family rule "thou shall not talk?" 

When something is off on your website... when you are holding back because of some familial agreement it shows.

As a Waymaker (yes you!) over the 10 days we're going to TEND to your online presence. 

In this course you’ll work with story, symbol and image that tells your soul's aligned story. Highlighting and activating what you came to teach and share with your clients and students.

Listen in below on why this is important...

— Live WORKSHOPs + 10 Daily Learning Modules —
Shamanic Rituals to Unlock your Creativity.

Day 1:  Grounding & Playing in Portals

Day 2:  The Moon aka the ask of your Clients

Day 3:  What lights me up?

Day 4:  Sharing the Spark.

Day 5:  Waymaking

Day 6:  Kindred Spirits

Day 7: Glimmers: Finding your Season

Day 8: How to pull it all together.

Day 9: Landing Home

You might want to consider taking this course if...

You're not sure what you want to say and how to tell the story. 

It's been over two years since you've touched your website and/or your photos.

You are an established online business owner, course creator, blogger or service provider who wants a refresh on your existing site.

You're ready to distill the myth + story within you for empowerment, healing and problem solving. Yes it's about story + art + creativity.

You've got questions and I've got the answers....
  • Who do you work with?
    I work with “the reluctant _________.” Medicine carriers -healers, entrepreneurs, business owners aka WayShowers aka “woman of woo”… like you who want to step into their brilliance with confidence, letting go of what’s stopping you.
  • Is this course for beginner or advanced online business owners?
    It's for both. Maybe you need a refresh...maybe you've been resisting going online. It's about telling your story in a way that activates your Bigness in a new fresh way so your clients and students can find you.
  • Who is called to work with this?
    Storytellers, shamanic practitioners, healers, astrologers, writers, coaches, candlestick makers.
  • What skills do I need?
    Your sincere desire creates the container for the experiences to unfold.

    You can be a seasoned healing practitioner and/or a newbie healer and get full measure from this learning. If this course calls to you…and lights up your body with joy… then say yes.
  • Why 10 days?
    I want to move you quickly through this heart-centered process...all you need do is keep saying "YES! I'll play" and see where the journey takes you.
  • What's the time commitment?
    The daily prompts should take no more than 30 minutes.

    The accountability calls each day are designed to get it done in real time. There's breathing room for when you hit a bump in the road. There will also be time for Q&A along with "picking my brain" on next steps.

    I see too many sitting back and saying I'll get to it...and that never happens. People can't hire you if they can't see you. Searching online is where most clients start. The key is to stop hiding your gifts, talents and capacities.
  • Can I get a refund?
    If you get inside, have a look around and realize this course is not for you, I offer refunds within 2 days of the first session.
  • Can I take this course again?
    Sure. Take it as many times as needed. This isn't a one and done. The process alchemically works on you. It's deep inner work. This is a beta offering, that means it's all new content. You can access the course in the membership portal for 120 days.
  • Am I building out a website in this course?
    No this course does not build the website for you.

    You will be ready to dialog with your web and graphic designer in a stronger way. You'll have image, fonts and messaging that makes sense for YOU along with the ability to communicate what you're looking for in your website presence.
  • What if I can't attend every session? Will they be recorded?
    Yes each session will be recorded so you can attend live or listen on your own time. You'll have access to the content for 120 days. If you run into stumbling blocks I'll be there to move you through it.

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Live training starts 

February 8th at 3pm Eastern

Distill Yourself, the course

Date: February 8th through February 21st 

Days:  Monday through Friday

Time: 3:00- 4:15 PM Eastern

Where: Online via Zoom

What's included:

  • FB community- if it works for you.
  • 10 Learning Modules with audio and doodle journals pdf. 
  • Work within the FB group and/or work at your own pace.
  • Daily 75-minute live sessions over Zoom with step-by-step process, including where to start and common mistakes to avoid (REPLAYS TO FOLLOW)
  • Get all your questions answered during the live Q&A calls.

Add-on a 1:1 OMG Clarity Session

Let's clear your path and hone in on your gifts
Get insights and clearings to take the doodles deeper
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